By Troy Lambert

Miner Inconveniences

A Monster Marshals Story

The Monster Marshals, a secret government agency, has been formed to protect the world from misbehaving monsters using the procedural acronym NECK, or Neutralize, Extract, Capture, or Kill. This time agent Aria Peirce and Jim Underwood have been sent to a mine in North Idaho, where an apparent AHOOL — a giant bat or winged primate usually found in the South American jungle, has been discovered.

How did it get there? And how will they battle this strange monster 5,900 feet below the surface of the earth? To do so, they’ll have to call on more than just the gadgets provided by Wonderly, the Marshals’ tech-savvy weapons specialist, or the angry oversite of their boss, Professor Erich Leifsson. The agents will have to rely on their own wits and those of the miners who guide them, and Aria Peirce will have to face one of her greatest fears.

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Troy Lambert

In addition to being a successful freelancer, Troy Lamber is a prolific fiction author. He has retuned to the fiction realm after a brief hiatus with his new mystery thriller, Harvested, the first in the Max Boucher series. He's also started a new series of novellas, the Capital City Murders series written jointly with Stuart Gustafson. Follow us for fifty novellas in fifty months!

When not behind the screen Troy can be found in the Idaho outdoors cycling, hiking, skiing, fishing, and camping.  

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Harvested: A Max Boucher Mystery

Dogs are disappearing all over town. Max Boucher, a P.I. with demons of his own, has been hired to find out why.

Will Max save the dogs in time? Will he be able to confront his own demons? 

Slaying in Salem

As freelance photographer Nick O'Flannigan arrives in Salem, he discovers there has been a murderThe suspect the police have in custody. They have the wrong guy.

But how can he, convince them and still do his job? You won't be able to stop reading until the very last page.

Typewriter Repair Shop

Sometimes a story must not only be told, but it chooses the way it must be told. 

This is such a story. It will grab you from the very first page and keep you guessing until the last. 

Overdoses in Olympia

Two overdoses have happened in one week in a hospital in Olympia. When freelance photographer Nick O'Flannigan gets to town, he notices something unusual in the newspaper photographs. 

Is he right about what he sees? Will it be enough to solve the case? 


Once again Troy Lambert nails it with Harvested. Lambert writes with the authority of a pro. Sharp, nail-biting prose that will keep you savoring each and every page."

--Vincent Zandri, New York Times Thriller Award-winning author of The Embalmer, The Remains, and The Caretaker's Wife. 


Weaving a suspenseful tail (that's right, a tail) of treachery and conspiracy, author Troy Lambert will have you turning page after page, unable to put this book down until its final, dramatic showdown...

- Allan Leverone, Bestselling author of the Trace Tanner Series, Review of Stray Ally



WONDERFUL! I enjoyed every word in this book. Troy has a fantastic sense of where and when detail is needed and where to let the readers mind fill in the blanks. The story was chilling and not one I would recommend for night time. I loved the way Typewriter’s ending was left. what a wonder for the brain.

Carson Wrublik, review of Typewriter Repair Shop

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November 9, 2019

The Write Track, Casablanca Cuban Grill, Boise, Idaho

The Write Track, Writing as a Buisness will be presented by the Idaho Writer’s Guild. Join us for a quick look at the business of writing, production, distribution, and marketing. See you there!

Rediscovered Books, Boise, November 12, 2019

The Wicked West: Capital City Murders 1-5

I will be signing the first print compilation of the Capital City Murders Books at Rediscovered Books in Boise, Idaho. Come on down and here us talk about the series, and writing 50 novels in 50 months!

CopenRoss Growlers, Boise, November 21, 2019

Monster Marshals Release Party

Join us for the release of Witch Please, by Danielle Parker, and Miner Inconveniences by Troy Lambert at local hangout Coppenross Growlers. We’ll have food a drink specials, raffles, prizes, and general fun with the authors!

Rediscovered Books, Caldwell, December 10, 2019


The Wicked West: Capital City Murders 1-5

One of  the first events at the new store! I will be signing the first print compilation of the Capital City Murders Books at Rediscovered Books in Boise, Idaho. Come on down and here us talk about the series, and writing 50 novels in 50 months!

Pop Up Bookstores, December 10, 2019


Local Authors, Last Minute Christmas Gifts, CopenRoss Growlers

Join several local authors (announcement coming soon) at Coppenross Growlers for some last minute Christmas shopping for the book lover in your life. Signed books, swag you won’t find anywhere else, and of course, beer! We can’t wait to see you there.

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