Monster Marshals


Incidents in Idaho

A Monster Marshals Collection

Get both Monster Marshal novellas for one low price! A witch is out of control, and must be stopped before summer is gone for good. And a giant bat in Northern Idaho, and not a native one is trapped deep in the bowels of the earth. Is it a monster after all, and how will the Monster Marshals deal with it? 

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Miner Inconveniences

A giant bat, usually found in the jungles of South America, is now trapped in a mine in Northern Idaho. The Monster Marshals must decide what to do.

But the answer will be more complicated than they think. 

Witch Please

A witch in Boise, Idaho is having some issues, and the Monster Marshals must keep her from destroying summer for everyone. 

The methods they will have to employ will make at least one of them very uncomfortable.

Incidents in Idaho

Two stories for the price of one! A witch, a giant bat, and an introduction to the Monster Marshals who protect us from the beasts that live among us. Who are these Monster Marshals, and what do they do anyway?

Tilting at Windmills

A flash to the past monster Marshalls, the Vatican has sent a team to investigate some killer windmills wreaking havoc on the plains of Spain.

Will they defeat the monsters or get rained out?

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October 12-18

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Join Stuart Gustafson, co-author of the Capital City Murders series, and I at the world mystery convention. We'll be visiting bookstores, selling books, and talking to authors from around the world.

We'll fit right in, because this year's theme is "Murder is a Capitol Crime" and in our current series, it is!

October 24

NaNo Prep, Collister Library, Boise, Idaho

Are you getting ready for NaNo this year? Well, here will be a quck course on the things you can do to ensure your NaNoWriMo will be a success in stead of a mess this year. Join me for my favorite tips and tricks.

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